Lets say your php script takes a lot of time to process but nginx closes the connection and you see a 502 screen. What happens to your php execution? Here, we want to understand php processes shutdown behavior.

In this context, exploring register_shutdown_function behavior is relevant.

We will explore 6…

This is about using Magento 2 internal classes useful for building restapi client in your magento extension.


Oauth class will help you deal with REST authorization. Interesting function is `buildAuthorizationHeader` . Of course you should inject \Magento\Framework\Oauth\OauthInterface in your code instead of the class.


For building valid json bodies.


If you want to convert an object like order to array use.

Magento2 ui library seemed overwhelming when I first started working with it. Not knowing knockout.js was part of the reason. I went through knockout docs and tutorials. It only frustrated me because the way magento uses knockout wasn’t very straight forward. Take a look at javascript code in Magento_Ui module…

Often while coding I experience mental blocks. I feel stuck. This feeling makes me aware of a potential skill to be developed. Probably the most important skill. I ask myself, how do you break such mental blocks (feeling of being stuck)??

First step is to recognise that you are feeling…

If you are here, I’m gonna assume you have already heard a lot about machine learning. We will start of our journey by starting with really simple and intuitive algorithm. It always begins with classification problems. Apples or Oranges? What is that digit? Is it a one or perhaps seven…

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